WordPress Training Course

SRC Infoweb is India’s best WordPress Training Course provider across the globe. In this WordPress tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get started on building a WordPress website for your business, from setting up your domain all the way to making your website both functional and beautiful.

This WordPress training class provides an introduction to WordPress and covers installing, administering, and designing a WordPress site. The class focus is on efficiently and effectively using WordPress as a content management system for your website. In this WordPress training we will cover the core functionality of WordPress, how to leverage the power of additional plugins, and how to customize and create your own WordPress themes.

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Audience for this training course

This WordPress training class is for professionals who want to build and maintain WordPress sites. No previous WordPress training is required.

Enrolling in this WordPress training course

You can register for this training class online by clicking here, or by calling +91-8619525209

Locations for this WordPress training course

You can attend classes at your head office located in Govindpura, Jhotwara Jaipur (Raj.), on site at your office, or online. You can select the course location at the time of your registration.

Goals and objectives for this WordPress training course

The goal for this WordPress course is to provide participants the skills they need to effectively create and operate WordPress sites. SRC Infoweb is focused on providing high-quality training courses for your professional development. We provide regularly scheduled small group courses along with private or customized training.

Getting started

  1. Installing WordPress
  2. Custom installation
  3. One-click installation
  4. Logging in to WordPress

Updating WordPress installations

  1. Updating plugins, and themes

Media in WordPress

  1. The library
  2. Scaling and cropping images
  3. Media metadata
  4. Uploading media

Pages in WordPress

  1. Adding, editing, and deleting pages
  2. Page attributes
  3. Parent pages
  4. Templates
  5. Ordering pages


  1. Installing and managing themes
  2. Widgets
  3. Menus
  4. Appearance Editor
  5. Editing the CSS files

WordPress Users

  1. Adding, editing, and deleting users
  2. User roles and permissions

WordPress tools

  1. Importing content from another site
  2. Exporting your WordPress data

Creating E-commerce websites on WordPress

  1. Installing and managing WooCommerce plugin
  2. Installing and managing WooCommerce themes
  3. Using a theme builder to modify your WooCommerce Theme

Taking care of security for WordPress

  1. Security and common basic attacks
  2. Protecting your WordPress website
  3. Security related plugins, best practices and online services
  4. Checking your WordPress website performance

The WordPress dashboard

  1. Screen options
  2. Customizing your dashboard
  3. Editing your profile
  4. Logging out

Posts in WordPress

  1. Difference between posts and pages
  2. Creating a new post
  3. Visual and HTML editor
  4. Adding media
  5. Inserting a gallery
  6. Full screen editing
  7. Autosave
  8. Categories and tags
  9. Previewing, publishing, and saving
  10. Editing an existing post
  11. Quick edit
  12. Deleting and viewing a post
  13. Changing post status and visibility
  14. Permalinks and short links


  1. Enabling and disabling comments
  2. Setting default behaviours for
  4. Viewing comment
  5. Comment approval process
  6. Dealing with spam
  7. Deleting comments

WordPress Plugins

  1. What are plugins?
  2. Finding plugins
  3. Installing plugins
  4. Activating and deactivating plugins
  5. Editing plugin settings
  6. Deleting plugins

WordPress Settings

  1. General settings
  2. Changing the site title and tagline
  3. Changing your URL
  4. Using a different homepage
  5. Updating the admin email address
  6. Changing time zones
  7. Date/Time formats

Projects in WordPress Course

Using the skills obtained from our WordPress course, we will build a complete personal or business / e-commerce website. This project involves many stages from planning, team work, installation, plugins management, testing and launching your WordPress website.